Acrylic Mounts – For Personalised, Trendy & Affordable Wall Art Decor.

Last Saturday in the Q-Photo retail shop at Park-View Mall I had an interesting conversation with one customer. I have decided to share with you some insights from our conversation. She loved wall art but, was not sure where to get it in Pretoria. All the affordable Wall Art she saw had generic photos, paintings and prints and she really needed something that would personally speak to her. I suggested the Q-Photo Acrylic Mounts for her as she showed that she was a fashion-forward person; and yes she was the happiest person I have ever seen. Please read on:

What is an Acrylic Mount?
An acrylic mount is the most sought-after wall art decor by interior décor professionals that gives a modern day high-tech feel in a home. The good news is you can get it at Q-Photo.

Acrylic Mount Designing

Using Picasso Album Art Maker Software the Acrylic Mount will preserve and display your special moments from your wedding day, cherished baby photos or memorable holiday escapades. A perfect acrylic mount should have an image you can easily associate with.

Q-Photo acrylic mounts are designed with a hanging mechanism so that hanging of your mount is smart and simple.

Acrylic Mount Size and Shape

Our acrylic mounts come in different shapes and sizes to fit perfectly to your situation. You have an option between the rectangle and the square mount. Rectangle ones start from 15 by 20 cm up to the 60 by 90 cm one. Square ones start from 20 by 20 cm up to 60 by 60 cm. We developed these different shapes and sizes in accordance with the demand of our clientele. Images on acrylic mounts are adhered to a 0.6cm acrylic board enhancing a crystal clear “floating” look.


When your acrylic mount gets dirty don’t scratch the surface or clean with a dry cloth as this might damage your beautiful art work. Instead use a soft, cloth with water. You can add just a drop of dish-washing liquid. Avoid using solutions with alkaline, acids or any solvent containing substances.Q-Photo Acrylic Mounts are quality guaranteed and are ready for collection in 7 days from day of payment.

Free Delivery

All orders made online via our software valued at R400 or more, with a delivery address in Pretoria or Johannesburg qualify for free delivery. Orders that are sent via email do not qualify for free delivery.

Until we meet again hurry and order your acrylic mount online today!

Photo Gift for the festive season

It’s that time again when we crack our heads trying to come up with the perfect gift for our friends, relatives or loved ones. No need to whimper Q-Photo will make this an easy task for you this year.

Q-Photo has a wide range of products that you can simply create, personalise and order online from the comfort of your home. Our downloadable and user friendly Picasso Software will definitely make this simple and possible from the comfort of your home.

Photo collection

Because we are making a photo gift the first step is to find the best photo to use. I am sure you have a massive photo bank to choose your photo from with hundreds of photos on your laptop, cell phone and external hard drives. Just go and dig for the best photo from your archives. Fortunately, your friends have shared with you their photos as well on Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus which makes this exercise easier.

Now that you have the right images to use for your gift it’s time to choose the right gift idea to work with.

I will share with you a couple of photo gift ideas below to get you going. Most of these take a few minutes to hours to have them done and now is the best time to start working on them so that by Christmas time your gifts will be getting to your friends.

I will start with these ones that might be appropriate to the young ones, although they still can appeal to adults making great picture display ideas in the house during the festive season.

Christmas Baubles, christmas tree photo bauble, photo bauble,

Christmas Baubles

Personalised clothing could be something you might think is too common but, hold on there. Did you know that adding some special Christmas messages and putting special photos will turn a simple t-shirt in to a memorable Christmas photo gift?

Personalised Clothes, printed t-shirts, printed aprons

Personalised Clothes

A Photo Book can be a very good idea to surprise and gift your loved one with. It does not necessarily need to be very big. Just add in a couple of photos to make a 20 or 40 paged photo book that will preserve your special moments as a family or work colleagues.

photo books

Photo Book

Something to hang on the walls like the box mount, acrylic mount or box frame as below turns out to be a perfect gift which will also be a nice wall art décor to hang on the walls.

Wall Art Decor, acrylic mount, canvas prints, block mounts, wall paper

Wall Art Decor

Here are other gifting ideas that you can choose from and use with your photos this year.

Photo Gift

More Photo Gift Ideas

And even more on

What are some of your favourite unique photo gift ideas? Let’s share on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram?

Why I will never miss a Photography Expo

Why I will never miss a photography Expo…… #PhotoPrint+Plus

I have been in the photography industry for 16 years now and have gained exceptional knowledge over the years. I am by no means the longest serving photographer but, I now have the necessary experience to sit in the midst of seasoned professional guys in this trade.

Now that I am a photography tutor I am easily tempted to brush Photography Workshops away but, recent events have proven this idea wrong.

Today I am going to share with you just 4 good reasons why YOU MUST NEVER miss any Photography Expo or Workshop:


Learn Something New

No matter how experienced you are the moment you mix and mingle with new people or even the same people on a different day you learn something new. Photography always has something new in stock for you.

It could be the equipment which is consistently advancing, the techniques or even some simple and easy photography tips. The most encouraging thing on attending these Expos and Workshops is that some of these photography hints and tips come from “junior” photographers. It’s amazing how they maneuver around some of the sophisticated cameras and gadgets now in our industry.

A workshop on a theme you have once gone through will even surprise you with the new things you will learn there. The interaction amongst attendees and even the different views you get from the question and answer segments at these Workshops/Expos will leave you drooling for more.


Networking is the best way to grow your business. Networking with similar minded people exposes you to even better opportunities. People you share the same interests with will never get bored chatting with you, neither will they hesitate exchanging business opportunities and business ideas with you.

I have made it a point that every Expo or workshop I attend, I must get at least 2 contacts and it has helped not only me but all of us grow our profession and businesses. I have managed to grab many opportunities from the people I meet at photography workshops and have also managed to create great opportunities as well for them. Business relationships and/or opportunities are created on these Expos and Workshops. Information sharing platforms are created and potential partners and ventures have been exploited.

Are you an Amateur in Photography?

No better opportunity will ever knock on your door than attending a photography Workshop or Expo. Expo’s have been a spring board to most photographers. Many amateur photographers have taken advantage of these Expos to grow faster in to professionals. Senior professional guys disseminate information down to amateurs for free, identify their weaknesses and point them out for improvements or even take the amateur photographers to their studios or labs as interns.

If you are an amateur never miss this golden opportunity. It makes even more sense for students as most workshops and Expos have lower entry fees for students.

For the fun of it…

As the old saying goes “All work no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Taking time out of your daily routine will be very refreshing and at times very exciting. If you are lucky to attend a workshop with fun loving people like the forthcoming Q-PhotoProlab #PhotoPrintPlusExpo, then you will definitely enjoy yourself. Photography is a creative art and you can show your creativity here. No answer is necessarily wrong at an Expo which creates a friendly learning environment. And when the environment is friendly and fun people tend to share more and get guidance faster…


I hope to share and learn with you at the 2017 Q-PhotoProlab #PhotoPrintPlusExpo stay tuned for the dates to be announced soon. Get your tickets here to book your place at the 2017’s mother of all photography workshops. Space is limited better be early than be sorry.

Martin – Contributor

Martin started his photography career in South Africa in 2000. Martin possesses immense knowledge and understanding in both the theoretical and practical aspects of photography. Martin loves what he does, and is privileged to be able to bring joy to others and share so intimately in their lives.